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Volume 1, Issue 5
November 1, 2004

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Following Our Legend
Soul Messages: Are you listening?

Sustainability in Life or Wealth
Meet the Guest Coach
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"To thine own self be true . . ."
Autumn Fun: Playing with the Leaves


Following Our Legend


Recently, while re-reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I was reminded of the idea that each of us has a Personal Legend. In the introduction, Coelho describes a Personal Legend as “a personal calling. It is God’s blessing, it is the path that God chose for you here on Earth. Whenever we do something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our legend” (page x). In other words, our Personal Legend is our special purpose for being here on the Earth and consists of all the desires, dreams, challenges, struggles, and joys we experience both in discovering and in living that purpose.

While researching the word legend, I discovered that it comes from the Latin word legenda, which means “things to be read.” Of course, most of us are familiar or have read the legends about King Arthur, Robin Hood, or Atlantis. But how is our Personal Legend to be read?

As I considered this question, I realized that there are several ways to read our Personal Legend.

First, we discover our legend by following after our dreams and desires. They are the signposts and act as the “legend” to finding our Personal Legend. In this case, I am using another definition of legend that means the “explanatory list of the symbols on a map or chart.” The legend defines the symbols used on the map. In the same way, all the occurrences in our lives—synchronicities, symbols, omens—whether momentous or mundane, obvious or subtle, are there for us to read and to help us find and define our Personal Legend.

Second, our Personal Legend is read by the world. Of course, following our legend, like speaking our truth, often results in all kinds of responses from those around us. Some people will think we are crazy. Other, well-meaning people will try to dissuade us from our legend. Still others may be inspired, encouraged by our example, to follow their own legend.

Third, our Personal Legend exists for us to read. As we follow our legend, we will face obstacles and challenges that will try to deter us from continuing. When we “read” our Personal Legend by remembering the path we have already walked, we are constantly recommitting ourselves to our dreams, desires, and resolve. Abandoning our Personal Legend ceases to be an option.

Following our legend can seem an overwhelming and monumental task. However, Coelho repeatedly reminds us that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” (page 22). The Universe wants to help us discover and live our Personal Legend!

This month take some time to read the “legend” of your life. Examine your dreams and desires. Resolve to discover and follow your legend. :o)

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Soul Messages: Are you listening?



A year ago, I participated in a Vision Quest. This Vision Quest was held in the living room of our apartment in Montréal. For three days and nights, I fasted, sat, stood, slept, wrote, thought, cried, prayed, examined my life as a spiritual being, and humbly requested a new vision. This month’s Soul Messages shares the vision I received.


Photo © 2003 by Kevin Connors



My New Vision

My New Vision is that my life is magical! I live a magical life because I know I am God’s Child, One with God’s creation and One with God. I see the synchronicities of life in each moment. I see wonder and joy as life unfolds. I am a possibility thinker! Joy bubbles out of me because joy is what my True Self radiates. Even when I am serious, there is an undercurrent of joy.


I live my life with passion and enthusiasm—whether walking to IGA [the grocery store] or writing a wonderful piece describing an unbelievable moment, whether looking at a pigeon or watching the magnificent flight of a great blue heron over the river. Life sparkles—nothing is ordinary!

I am a coach and I bring this magical gift into my sessions. I know my clients have the answers they seek dwelling inside of them. I see them as great beyond their visions of themselves. As a coach, I ask questions and wait for the magic to appear in the client’s life—because it will.

I am worthy and wonderful because we all are, and we all live in God’s Love and Oneness.
I radiate the beauty of that Love and Joy. I see that Love and Joy in each personal I meet, in each creature, in each living thing, in each member of God’s creation.

I speak my truth and allow others to speak their truth. I listen without judgment.

At times, fears and ego-thinking bring me challenges, but they are part of the magic, too. I am a whole person, so all is shown to me so I will learn and remember who I am. Shadows show the need for illumination—buried treasure lives there!

I am in love and I freely give that love. I accept love from everyone who gives me love, especially Michel [my life partner].

My life is revealed one magical step at a time. Choice is my opportunity to see the magic, the Love of God, the synchronicity as my path unfolds.

I give freely—never expecting anything in return, for I know when I give, I receive.

I listen constantly because God often speaks in a whisper—on a breeze through the autumn leaves, in a sparrow’s chirps, in a cloud floating through a blue sky. That’s part of the magic.

I stay alert to my Inner Child for she always sees magic and she always knows how to find Joy! She is my greatest teacher.

I depend and trust God always. Only those situations that will benefit me will come my way. Those situations create magic in my life.

My New Vision is to embrace this magical life!

What messages has your Soul been sending you lately? Are you listening?

Note: For more information about Vision Quests, I suggest Denise Linn’s book Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest. This book provides a wealth of information about different types of quests, quest preparation, activities to do while on a quest, and integrating your quest experience into your life. She also includes peoples’ Vision Quest experiences in their own words. :o)

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Sustainability in Life or Wealth

The How-do-I-get-what’s-in-it-for-me key

by Donna Rougeau, CEC


This month’s Guest Coach, Donna Rougeau, CEC, writes one article about the key to sustainability and another about the power of our beliefs. Learn more about Donna in “Meet the Guest Coach.”  


The diagram that you see on the left is one of the oldest and most important tools that you will ever require in creating sustainability, whether it is in finances, life, or business. Getting into and out of this circle/cycle is the process of creating your own empowerment, and in that empowerment is where success and sustainability are waiting for you!

In your empowerment and freedom, you can create and sustain wealth and deep inner happiness; outside of your empowerment, it is extremely unlikely you will create or sustain either. So drop your pride, get clear about where you are in the circle, and then work it out so you can move on and enjoy wealth, happiness, and success in extreme measure!

Each of us, in order to not be sustaining what we want to create in life, is in one of these 3 roles with either ourselves in our internal dialogue or with others. We are sustaining our personal stories, traumas and dramas and failures about ourselves, others and the world around us.


Here is my quick rundown and the “Dr. Phil-style” way to turn it around . . .

The Number One rule to create sustainable anything is: “Take care of yourself so that you can take care for others.”

Let’s examine a summary of each area shown on the diagram.

Victim—Part of the human condition is to see yourself as the underdog or the victim from time to time. Being the victim is simply being on the uncomfortable end of a learning experience that can range all over the map in degrees of severity. What holds you in the victim role is your choice between learning and moving forward with a greater knowing of your ability and strength or staying in the experience and missing the opportunity of sustaining the lesson so you do not have to come back to it. Victimization is returning to the same lesson repeatedly without moving into change. As a result, what you end up sustaining is the experience, the opportunity to learn, instead of the learning, the opportunity to grow.

Persecutor—This role is one that we all get into as well. If you have thought about revenge, held resentment or anger towards yourself or another, or if you have wanted what someone else has and thought you deserved it as much as they did or more, you have been in the role of a persecutor to some degree.

Rescuer—Anytime that you have taken thought or action towards a person, place, or thing that you thought needed you in any way you have been a rescuer.

These three roles demonstrate ways we treat one another and ourselves that are self-defeating and disempowering. When we are in one of these roles, we are not capable of creating or sustaining happiness or wealth. The rewards of being a person on this planet are withheld until we step out of these roles and create from an internal place of knowing that we are indeed the center of “our” world. How we use that knowledge to uplift and empower ourselves and others around us is the way that we create wealth and happiness that is sustainable. :o)

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Meet the Guest Coach


My name is Donna Rougeau and I can best introduce myself and describe what I do for a living by telling you about a defining moment in my life that turned everything around for me.

This moment began in 1999. After a very successful year in Hi-Tech Sales and the sale of my own small business, I cleared revenues over $500,000. It was a very good year!

In 2000, I walked away from it all into what I thought was my own personal fairy tale. Finally, I was afforded time and space to discover what I really wanted to do with my life. After some exploration, I was introduced to personal coaching. For me, coaching has been like finding my way home to my true calling or purpose. I have always had a keen vision for the best in life, the world, and those who have been around me, and I have always sought to bring out the best in all things.
In March of 2000, my new husband had a company that went public and our net worth FLEW to a WHOPPING $49,000,000 (just count all those zeros!), making it easy for me to walk away from the success I had created prior to his coming into my life and to relax into the fairy tale.

Donna Rougeau, CEC


THEN . . . I watched my husband ride that company’s stock all the way down the stock market to an ultimate low of $24,000.

All the valuable experience that I gained both prior to and during the recovery process of this defining moment I have put into a product that I call Millionaire Mindset, the program to create SUSTAINABLE wealth—personally, professionally, spiritually and financially!

My business background ranges from my first basement programming company to successful high- tech companies with international exposure both in sales and technology. I have experienced all the highs and the lows of life and business. I have had times when I could not pay my rent, and I have enjoyed the freedom afforded to a multimillionaire. Now, what I do is support myself and others in creating sustainable wealth.

If you are interested in having access to a professional who has experience in successfully changing her own story in life and business and have her support you to do the same, send me an email at or call me at 1.604.921.4066. You can also visit my web site at :o)

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Special Announcements for Coaches!

If you are a coach and would like to submit an article and be featured in the “Meet the Guest Coach” section, send an email to me at, introducing yourself and indicating your article idea. :o)

Beginning in January 2005, I will be creating a Coaches’ Directory. This quarterly directory will be part of the newsletter and feature your name, business name, coaching specialty, and contact information. I would like to include a small photo as well. If you are interested in being listed, send an email to that contains the information indicated above. :o)

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“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.”
—Louise L. Hay

“To thine own self be true . . .”

by Donna Rougeau, CEC

The primary observation that I have made through my clients, family and friends and, of course, myself is this:
That which keeps you out of your wealth is born from a belief in need or lack. What changes this belief is your ability to go to what you “can come to know” that is different and make your experience be based on a different outcome—that can be the most challenging human experience to create because we tend to live in our beliefs more than our actual truth!

“To thine own self be true . . .”

This saying is the key to picking out the winners from the losers and the successful from the struggling. How often have you seen someone, perhaps even yourself, agree to something that you really did not want because it looked like the best solution and time seemed to be short or unavailable for making other choices? How often have we all, to one degree or another, sold out because we were in fear?

“Feel the fear and do it anyway . . .”

I cannot count how many times in my life I have followed this advice and in my business seen others follow it also! Fear is a perception of having the inability to overcome some form of lack or need and is usually the precursor to both change and “stuckness.”

It is not easy to get past what we “know” from our experience in life, yet the path to success for many of us is in coming to “know” something different. For example, poverty is based on the fact that you will behave, believe, and benefit from your parents’ experiences and the beliefs that are built on them. Most of us accept this idea without even being aware that we are.
To move into an experience of wealth is almost always to move into a new life experience that is completely foreign to anything that we have had in our experience before. It expands our ability to see things in a different light and thus create a different experience physically and mentally. Then, we arrive in a new and different “knowing.”

What you know is actually what you experience. That knowledge can and will change when you realize that there are different views to the same experience other than your own. When you become willing to feel the fear of trusting something that you do not know, or, in other words, have not yet experienced, THEN you are on the road to wealth and to happiness.
Growing up in utter poverty, I often wondered why so many people around me seemed to know the answers to everything and wanted to impart them to me and protect me by making me a clone or a “mini-me” that would have the wisdom of their experience . . . hmmm.

Consider and question from where the wisdom and influence that you are following has come. What was the experience of those that influenced you? From where did their “knowing” that they shared with you come? On what results in their life was it based? And most importantly, does it actually fit you or, when you sit in the quiet, do you find yourself questioning the wisdom?

Whatever you believe “will” be. You are right because you are so powerful that you will create those beliefs as truth, so be ever vigilant with what you believe and what you know. :o)

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Autumn Fun: Playing with the Leaves

One of the benefits of living in Montréal is the fabulous colors the leaves display in Autumn. But no matter where you are in the US or Canada, this season means lots of leaves on the ground. For some, those leaves represent a lot of raking and bagging. For others, they mean fun because of the delightful crunchy sounds experienced when walking or running through them.

I thought it might be interesting to use the theme of Autumn leaves to enliven the “leaves” of our journals. Here are some ideas to remember Autumn 2004.

Photo © 2004 by Michel Pettigrew

  • Gather a few special leaves and make relief pictures of them.

    To make a relief picture, take a fallen leaf that is not too dried out and place it face down. (You can try it face up as well.) Then, place a standard sheet of paper over it. Using the side of a crayon, colored pencil, or standard pencil, carefully but firmly color or shade over the entire leaf. The resulting picture shows the outline and certain details of the leaf, such as its veins and stem.

    Cut out the leaves, and glue them on a journal page. Write a quotation or a special thought on or next to each leaf, a kind of Autumn remembrance.
  • Make a collage representing a special event that occurred in your life this year.

    Go through magazines and choose your pictures. Cut the pictures out in leaf shapes. (You can get ideas for different shapes by gathering some leaves before you begin.) Then, assemble your “Autumn Leaves” collage by arranging and gluing the “picture-leaves” in your journal.

    When you finish, write about the significance the collage has for you.
  • Draw the outline of a large leaf on a journal page.

    Fill the inside of the leaf with a special memory of Autumn, such as a poem, a story, or your favorite quotations.
As we journey through this final Autumn month, let’s use our journals to have fun by playing with the leaves! :o)

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